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  10 Nowland Street,
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Fri: 10am - 4pm

Timeless Keepsakes - Antiques Quirindi and Furniture Quirindi.

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Well another year! they certainly are flying by! Keeping busy certainly has its advantages and disavantages. (getting older I mean!)

2016 saw many people become friends on our facebook page "Timeless keepsakes Antiques and collectables Quirindi" As we are only open Fridays, I have been posting on this page some of the new lovely pieces we have entered on our website. Hope you have all had a chance to see our lovely stock!

This year we will be opening a large warehouse with lots of restorable pieces for ones to put their own creative flare to, thats quite excitable! It will be opened on the same Friday that our shop is opened, making it worth a trip to our lovely little town of Quirindi, Central NSW.

Laybys will be very welcome with many taking advantage of a direct deposit payment system. Packaging and postage available too making it very easy to purchase our stock. Please feel free to email or call for any enquiries. Looking forward to 2017 with exciting anticipation!


Spring had sprung!!! How beautiful our contryside is looking after steady heavy falls!!! Our new location is steadily being found by our customers.

MAY 2015

The days are beautiful but aren't the nights getting a little chilly! Well its almost half way through 2015. Isn't it incredible how time flies! Our website has been updated with new stock that we are sure will make those who appreciate our quality furniture, very happy. We are opening our Warehouse/Shop every Friday, at this stage, from 10am-4pm The Location is 10 Nowland St Quirindi 2343 This location makes it easy for any who want to see and touch before they buy. Layby is still available with payments made either on a Friday or direct deposited. Hope all are well and Happy!    

FEB 2014

From 24th of February, Timeless Keepsakes will cease to operate at a retail shop and will soon commence to do business totally on line.

As we have had to deal with a couple of tragedy's in the family, getting the online store up and running will take a little longer than expected. So we ask for your patience and consideration as we do this.

Our website is still functional and we can still be contacted by email.

We thank you for your patience and consideration in advance and hope to give the same honest and punctual service in the very near future.

Kindest regards

Paul and Linda


DEC 2013

Exciting Announcement:

2014 will bring a New Direction for Timeless Keepsakes. Paul and Linda invite all to wait in expectation for our New Online store that will be operating in early 2014.                                          Why a New Direction, many have wondered? 4 years have seen many changes in the way we buy and sell, hence we see ourselves having to change with the times.                                        We will continue to source Antiques, Furniture and Collectables along with our own unique range of furniture, which we are very excited about. All will be displayed and for sale in our Online store.                                                                                                                                             We would like to thank everyone for the support and loyalty that has been shown to us over the past 4 years. Please continue our journey that leads to the next level, it's very exciting!   Quirindi is our home and your continued support in our new adventure would be very much appreciated. If interested, an Email or Newsletter informing of when these new changes will take place can be arranged by calling Linda: 0267461495 or Paul: 0408623160

In the meantime a "New Direction" SALE on all stock at heavily reduced prices is now on until the end of 2013, at 172 George Street, Quirindi NSW

AUG 2013

Spring is definitely in the air!! We are having 20+ temps and isn't it lovely to see people out and about again.

We are having an Anniversary sale for the month of August with plenty of specials on all.

I found an interesting bit of info in a great magazine that sums up how special our Antiques are: for anyone concerned about our planet, consider this: "An Antique has long ago paid its Carbon debt. A modern product is negative for the environment; an antique helps save it. Antiques are the ultimate form of greenness!" So may we never take our beautiful antiques and Collectables for granted!

NEW to our store is WHITEHILL Silver plated quality picture frames! They are just gorgeous! A limited collection have been Handmade from England, well worth inspection!







May 2013

May is proving to be a very busy month. We have soooooo! much stock that needs to be moved we are having our yearly CLEARANCE SALE for 2 weeks starting May 6th. There will be lots of marked down items to choose from.

Also exciting NEW stock arriving at the end of May including a 19th Century roll top desk with glassed door bookcase, Its a real stunner!!



5th January 2013,

2013!!!!! Is now here and "Timeless Keepsakes Decorium" has been established for 3 years and wow has that time flown!

Expansion is always a bit daunting but moving into our larger premises has been a good move, it now allows for more people to wander around and take their time to look at all the lovely stock we have.

You can now follow us and become friends on our Facebook page- "Timeless Keepsakes Decorium" We will try to keep everyone posted on some of the new stock we get in, this media is a thing of the future that will keep us all up to date with whats happening, hope you will "LIKE" our new direction. We have lots to offer and look forward to meeting lots more lovely people!!!



7th October 2012,

We did it!! We are now in our lovely bigger premises at 172 George St QUIRINDI, NSW. It was only a short move diagonally across the road in the Old Bank building but it was a huge move with having lots of help from our family and friends, thanks to you all!!! we really couldnt have done it with out you!

The invitation is to come and see for your selves, we are now able to display Lounge suits, Dining Suits even bedroom suits, and lots move wonderful furniture.

Im endevouring to upload many new items so please check out our website, you will love our new look!

Cheers! Linda

28th August,

SALE, SALE, SALE! As we have an abundance of stock and dont really want to double handle these lovely pieces, we have decided to have a Relocation, Clearance SALE.  Starting 29th August.

So if you have had your eye on a piece, Now is the time to grab a bargain.

We are having the SALE for 2 weeks then will close for a week ready to open our new premises 22 September 2012. So it is all happening!


August 2012

Well, our move is certainly the talk of the town! Especially as we are moving into one of Quirindis stately buildings. The old Westpac building on the corner of Henry and George Sts. It is having a complete overhaul. The Sydney based investers, have put a lot of their own time, money and energy into this building. Whilst they are financing the out side of the building, Paul and I are renovating the inside to suit the needs of our business, as we have done with our present establishment. How exciting and completely exhausting! it is going to look fantastic! We are hoping to open the new premises by the middle of September so please keep and ear and eye out for the exact date. I have a Facebook page that I try to keep updating with photos of the progress, so if interested, Login to our facebook page:  Timeless Keepsakes Decorium



February 2012

Wow! Where did 2011 go? Here we now are in the 2nd month of 2012! Lots have been happening, there just isnt enough time even to scratch yourself (Im sure theres plenty nodding saying "I know what you mean.")

We are now in the 3rd year of Business and by lots of comments you are watching to see what lovely pieces we are collecting to decorate and enhance your homes. So far we have been able to find what people are asking us to find for them. People ask "Where do you find these Gorgeous pieces?" We go to great lengths to make "You" our customers, happy! We can honestly say we search Australia wide, with lovely pieces even finding us, as our business also Buys and Sells. Auctions and Deceased Estates being our main source.

8 New items have been entered on the site last week. these items include: 2 door Corner Cabinet, 4 Door Corner cabinet, A Stunning Spindle back Rocker, 3 Antique items, Cedar dressing table/hall stand c.1890's, Cedar Marble Wash stand c..1870's.  A cute English Walnut Sideboard c.1910. A Canterbury Music/magazine stand and then theres the stunning French Ormolu Marble topped Credenza.c. 1950's.

All are beautiful pieces that Paul has looked over and tightend, polished and put his special touch to. Im not exaggerating, I dont know what happens but when he takes each piece into his workshop they transform from usually being a tired, dried piece of furniture into a stunning collectable that gets the WOW effect. Its amazing what a little attention can achieve (all the girls out there are saying "You can say that again!")

2 new table lamps in the lamp section and in the Collectables, theres 2 Tea sets and in Giftware, we have had a great lot of success with our stunning throws. Adding to we now have non-slip floor mats in the shaggy material, also heart shaped cushions with the same shaggy material.

Simply too much to mention and to upload to this site. Hoping all will take advantage of parousing our website and move them to take action to see what else we have to offer!!

Til next time, "Action may not always bring Happiness, but there is no Happiness without Action!"

Cheers!! Linda




 1st September 2011

Hello to All!  Spring is Here and aren't we loving it! I have some exciting news, Timeless keepsakes are Now stocking a wonderful range of Scented Soy Candles, some in 16oz Jars that have a burning life of 100 hours, they come in a range of fragrances, Vanilla Bean, French Pear, Lemongrass, Mediteranean Fig, and Sandalwood, just to name a few. Along with this lovely range, we also now stock Soy Massage Oil Candles that you burn for 20 minutes, extinguish the wick, then pour oil into palm of your hand and massage those sore points away! They come in two scents, one Just for Her which is Rose and Vanilla and one Just for Him which is Sandalwood and Vanilla.

Soy wax does not burn as hot as other waxes, and because it is derived from the soya bean it washes up with soap and water, Great news! Try them today, you will be delighted you did! View our new range below.




June 2011

Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Winter is here, with a vengence!!! I dare say, people really dont like venturing out in this weather, True? So winter is the best time to look around the house and see what has to be given that little bit of TLC. Our furniture tends to sit there looking good and also holding our many collectables, but after a period of time it can look a bit tired even drab, sooooo we have some really great products to help feed our tired pieces of furniture, our Aussie summers tend to dry out furniture pretty fiercely,  Winter is the perfect time to give our furniture a feed n wax.  Timeless Keepsakes Decorium, not only has lovely furniture but also have the popular Howards Products that will keep our furniture maintained so that they will be around for many years to come! So weather we have a table that may have some scratchers or just need a spruce up, we have the products that will rejuvenate and bring to life our treasured possesions. I personally recommend 'Feed'n'wax' which is as easy as giving a clean cotton cloth a squirt of 'Feed'n'wax' and wiping it over the furniture, leaving it for 20 minutes, to soak into a particularly dry piece, and then with a clean cloth, buffing off, you will be so impressed with how lovely the piece will look not to forget the most beautiful orange aroma it will send through your house, it also will have a great effect on how you will feel when you look around the house and see everything looking spiffy (is there such a word? in my head it seems appropriate!) To keep our furniture maintained, I recommend the popular Orange Oil, that is derived from real orange peel, it is truly the best furniture polish on the market, (I use it so I can truly recommend it!) So if you need more info on these lovely products please feel free to call me and please check out our site for these products that will make a difference in your life, I guarantee it!





Hello to all,

Well it has been 12 months since we opened and it has accomplished what we were hoping it would and that was to introduce Pauls' Restoration business to Quirindi and surrounding areas, which has been a great success. Our shop, Timeless Keepsakes, has been able to showcase what Paul is able to accomplish with restoring aged or damaged pieces of furniture into keepsakes of tomorrow. Keeping the patina while restoring is an art form in itself, as you can imagine!

April 2011

Hello everyone, I grabbed a few minutes to put some more info on the site to keep everyone up to date with what Timeless keepsakes is doing.

We have been a little quiet in Quirindi for the past couple of months, which, Ive heard is to be expected at this time of year. Paul is still quite busy with the restoration and I try to keep up with taking photos and uploading them to the site, as well as trying to figure out which advertizement is of benefit to our area, We put an ad in the TCN on March 30th in the TV guide section, (maybe you saw it) we were very impressed with this ad, unfortunately we have been a bit dissappointed with ads we put in other papers that we were a little hesitant but I'm pleased to say it has built up in us a bit of faith that they can get it right!

For May and June a radio ad with 2TM will feature Quirindi and its many lovely shops, so keep an ear out for that!

We are pleased to say that we have had to expand due to getting more of the larger pieces of furniture that our quaint showroom couldnt hold, so as from 1st April we are renting floorspace accross the road on the corner of Henry St and george St (old Westpac Bank) We will still be at our shop accross from Mitre 10. We now have Dinning suits and bedroom suits, Desks and lots more that can be viewed from the Henry St entrance.

Timeless Keepsakes Decorium also has a facebook page, so check it out and send us a few words and let us know what you think.

An Exciting time!!!

Kindest Regards
Paul and Linda Cheyne

15th January 2011

Hello to everyone,

Can you believe we are now almost 1 month into 2011?  Already this year is shaping up to be a very busy time for us all especially Paul with the restoration. He is so enjoying seeing pieces that people feel are ready for the dump only to find that Paul is able to restore them putting their original beauty back into them. Some of these pieces will last another 100 years making them very valuable pieces, indeed!

Linda is busy in the shop decorating with some lovely collectables she has been able to source, including one-off trio's of Royal winton crockery and collectable plates to decorate any display cabinets too.

Handcrafted throws and cushions in various colours and designs are proving to be a great addition to our shop. We are now having in stock Single and King-single bedspreads that come with pillow shams. Double, Queen and King are available on order from the catalogue in our shop so feel free to browse the many designs and we will be only to happy to order them in for you.

Our beautiful handcrafted soaps are also proving to be very popular as many are now, after using them themselves, are coming back for more for themselves and as lovely gifts for friends and relatives.

So please come and have a browse at all 'Timeless Keepsakes Decorium' has to offer, we're sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the ever changing decor.

Until next time, Hope 2011 is proving to be the best ever!!

Check back here soon for more latest news!